Sunday, December 20, 2015

How To Identify A Fake Roofer Bedford - What You Need To Know About Scamming Contractors

Fake roofers have proliferated the market space these days. The sad part is that the number continues to grow. People really don’t take heed of the signs around them that the individual they are about to hire might be fakes. To them, as look as he brands himself as a roofer, then that is all that matters. This should not be the case. You can avoid getting into the trap of a fake roofer Bedford by follow the steps outline below.

They have no references

Authentic roofers will be ready if not eager to share their portfolio to you. They are willing to provide you with information on the projects they have undertaken and how successful they have been in the course of their job. A fake roofer Bedford will evade the question and avoid giving you their references all together.

They are not registered with traders’ association

A real roofer Bedford should be a member of a professional organization. Fake roofers always want to fly under the radar. You can always ask them but in order to be doubly sure, you should ask the traders organization whether or not the individual is a member.

They have very pushy sales people

If the individual is trying to close you and keeps trying to make you say yes right away, then he is a fake. A good roofer Bedford will not try to sell lines about your service, they let the service speak for itself.

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